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2014 Apple Variety List & Harvest Dates

2014 Online Variety List

Retail salesroom is open 8:30 to 5:00 pm everyday until 5:00 pm Nov. 26th.   Open later on busy weekends. 

 Seconds are a product of our packing operation so not all varities in unlimited quantities are available at all times.   Apple varieties are listed on the date they first come into the salesroom - please also remember that on busy days some varieties may temporarily be sold out - espcially the popular varities!

October 16, 2014 update:  

Early Gold, July August,       August 8 (9/15/14  seconds Only)
 Sept. 9
Jersey Mac, July-August              August 8  
 Sept. 11
Duchess, July                                August 19
 Sept. 1
Sunrise, July-August,                    August 19
 Sept 25
Red Free, August,                            August 22 Sept 4
Paulared, August-Sept.                  August 23      Two for One Sale
Sept 29
Dudley, August,                               August 22                        Sept 15
Zestar, August,                                 August 26
Sept 2
Empress, August,                             August 30
Sept. 15
Stella, August                                     August 30 Sept 29
Monark, August,                              August Sept 4
Early Strawberry, Aug.                August 30 Sept 10
 Burgundy, Aug                                August 30     Sept 29
Creston, September                         October 2
Sansa  August,                                     August 28      Sept 15
Williams Pride, August                   August 26 Sept. 1
Kickapoo Spice, August,                  Sept. 4     Two for One Sale

Dick's Delicious, August -              Sept 19     Two for One Sale
Ginger Gold, August,                        Sept 9
Sept 20
Jersey Sweet, August,                      August 30 Sept 20
Silken, September,                             Sept 16                Oct 8
Golden Supreme, Sept.,              Sept. 18
    Oct 14
Gala, Sept.                                          Sept. 30

Spartan, Sept.                                 Sept 25
Jonamac, August                           Sept. 12           Two for One Sale

McIntosh, Sept                              Sept 19
Cortland, Sept.                              Sept. 13           Two for One Sale

Honeycrisp, Sept.                         Sept, 9
N. W. Greening, Sept.                   Sept 22
Tsugaru, Sept. -                               Sept. 17

Ambrosia, Sept.                            Oct. 7
Orange Winter, Sept.                  Sept 23      Oct 14
Tolman Sweet, Sept.                      Sept 23                      Oct. 8
Golden Delicious, Sept                 Oct. 7

Wolf River, Sept.                              Sept. 5       
Red Delicious, Sept.                        Sept 25
Liberty, Sept.                                    
Macoun Sept.                                 Oct 13

Hawkeye Red Delicious,  

Empire, Sept.                                      Oct 7
Haralson, Sept.                                 Oct 15
Fuji, Oct.                                  

King David, Oct.
Jonagold, Oct.                            

Gold Rush, Oct         
Jonadel, Oct.          

Candycrisp, Oct.   

Golden Russet, Oct.                              Oct 16
Grimes Golden, Oct.                           Oct 16

Fortune, Oct.               


Enterprise, Oct.     

Winter Banana, Oct.                           Oct 15
Granny Smith,  Oct.                            Oct 13
Braeburn, Oct.