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2016 Apple Variety List

Retail salesroom is open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM everyday.

Wholesale apples contact Andy Meyer - see link on Contact Page.  For wholesale cider orders contact Andy Meyer - see links on Contact Page.   

We do have some seconds this year, when available.

Apple varieties are listed on the date they come into the salesroom also when  Sold Out  - please also remember that on busy days some varieties may temporarily be sold out.

August 22. 2016 update.

Early Gold, August,                             August 12  
Jersey Mac, August                             August 12  
Dudley, August                                  August 12
Duchess, August                                   August 12 August 14
Crimson Crisp                                     August 22     

Red Free, August,                                             

Paulared, August-                                 August 13
Zestar, August,                                        August 20           

Empress, August,                   
Stella, August                                                 

Monark, August,                                     August 12                     
Early Strawberry, Aug.                             

 Burgundy, Early Sept.                        Auguat 22    

Creston, September                                   

Sansa  August,                                           August 20    
Williams Pride, August                            

Kickapoo Spice, August,                           

Dick's Delicious, August  
Jersey Sweet, August,                               

Silken, September,                                      

Gala, September                                            
Golden Supreme, Sept.,                       

Jonagold, Sept.                                     
Spartan, Sept.                                       

Haralson,  Oct.                                          
Jonamac, August                                        
McIntosh, Sept     
Cortland, Sept.                                         

Honeycrisp, Sept.                                     

Tsugaru, Sept.                                              
N. W. Greening, Sept.                            

Ambrosia, Sept.                                       

Orange Winter, Sept.                                      
Tolman Sweet, Sept.                               

Spartan, Oct                                              
Golden Delicious, Sept                      
Wolf River, Sept.              
Red Delicious, Sept.                                             

Liberty, Sept.                                             
Macoun Oct.                                        

Hawkeye Red Delicious,                      

Empire, Oct..                                          

Haralson, Oct..                                             

King David, late Oct.                                          

Jonadel, Oct.                                          

Gold Rush, Oct                                    

Candycrisp, Oct.                              

Golden Russet, Oct.                             

Grimes Golden, Oct.                                
Creston, Oct                                         
Fortune, Oct.      Limited supply          
Snow Sweet late Oct.                               
Winecrisp  late Oct.                                      
Golden Glory, Nov..                                
Enterprise, late Oct.                                    

Voyager , Oct                                          

Winter Banana, Oct.                             
Granny Smith,  Oct.